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The faces from China’s Uyghur detention camps

Thousands of photographs from the heart of China’s highly secretive system of mass incarceration in Xinjiang, as well as a shoot-to-kill policy for those who try to escape, are among a huge cache of data hacked from police computer servers in the region.

Iraq balks at greater Chinese control of its oilfields

Iraq’s oil ministry thwarted three prospective deals last year that would have handed Chinese firms more control over its oilfields and led to an exodus of international oil majors that Baghdad wants to invest in its creaking economy.

Beijing enforces lockdowns, expands COVID-19 mass testing

Beijing has locked down some apartment buildings and residential complexes and on Monday added a larger urban area measuring about 2 by 3 kilometers (1 by 2 miles). Workers put up blue metal fencing along part of the area Tuesday, and police restricted who could leave. Residents are being kept inside their compounds.

Mystery of alleged Chinese hack on eve of Ukraine invasion

Allegations of Chinese cyber activity as the recent conflict broke out in Ukraine have been emerging.

The details appear unusually murky but one Western intelligence official believes the aim was espionage – and the cyber-attack may have been broader than previously reported.

China Tells EU To Break Away From The US On Russian Sanctions, Will It Work?

Beijing has tried to create a rift between the EU and the U.S. by telling Brussels to pursue an “independent” policy toward the Russian-Ukraine war.

The Global Times, an English-language Chinese publication, noted how Beijing is encouraging EU leaders to take a “primary role for Ukrainian resolution.”