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Pelosi Says Creating Panel to Investigate Jan. 6 an ‘Option’ With Power as Speaker

Senate Republicans blocked the upper chamber last month from advancing the House-passed bill that would create a commission to probe the Jan. 6 incident. Some Republicans stated that the commission, which would have subpoena power, isn’t necessary because of the probes already underway by the Department of Justice and other agencies, and they worried over whether such a commission would be fueled by politics.

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Capitol Hill Event – 1st Inquiry 23Feb’21 – Intelligence Failures were the Common Denominator, but why?

Present were many officials,including ex-Sergeant of Arms, Acting Chief of DC Metropolitan Police, there to answer questions.

Pelosi called for resignation of Capitol Hill Police Chief, and security heads, without understanding any details. He, like others, resigned. He made the longest statement. Sighting a letter he sent Pelosi correcting her misunderstanding of the lead up to the event, and that almost everything centred on the lack of valuable intelligence. Of the minimal intel. shared, no further actions was taken. The FBI offered help two days before, but that was refused.

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