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The US border crisis – in four graphs

A record number of 1.73 million migrant encounters were recorded in the 2021 fiscal year. In the 2022 fiscal year, officials expect it to top two million.
In May, there were 239,416 encounters with US law enforcement at the Mexico border – the highest ever recorded.

Border crossings soar despite judge’s order maintaining Title 42

7-year-old boy from El Salvador puts on his life jacket to prepare to cross the dangerous Rio Grande River into the US. Sources tell me that 3 migrants drowned this morning around 7 am. Despite 42 ruling thousands of migrants prepare to cross illegally.

States vs. Biden’s Prison-to-Streets Pipeline for Illegal Immigrant Convicts

The Biden administration has allowed a more than eleven-fold increase in the number of illegal immigrant offenders let out of Texas prisons and into the general U.S. population, despite federal immigration law requiring ICE to take convicts into custody after serving their time, usually in advance of deportation.

Officials Assail Biden Inaction: ‘Mexican Cartels Basically Control Our Border Now’

Babin blamed many of the drug problems facing the country on the Biden administration’s eagerness to open the border.

“America is treated like second-class citizens in favor of those who break our laws, who come here illegally and do an unbelievable amount of damage,” he said. “The most maddening thing is that this crisis is completely man-made. This danger is self-inflicted.”

Babin said that because of the Biden administration’s weak border security, drugs are entering the U.S. in historic quantities.