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These bad candidates threaten Republican Senate success

In theory, Republicans should have no problem winning back the Senate, netting three or four seats. However, that probably won’t happen.

The party may end up nominating several bad candidates, some of whom may cost it winnable seats.

Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is a prime example of this phenomenon. Greitens is a bad candidate in a state Republicans should have no problem winning.

US midterm elections – a simple guide

Two years after Joe Biden was elected US president, voters return to the polls on 8 November.

The midterm elections – so called because they fall halfway through a president’s term – take place every four years.

Democratic anxiety grows over Biden’s dismal polls

Many in the party are hopeful that Biden will see his numbers rise again as inflation eases. But the Democratic strategist argued that it’s too late for the party to turn things around.

“Everyone needs to come to terms with the reality that we’re going to get slaughtered in November,” the strategist said. “That’s a fact. His polling has gotten worse, not better. It’s indicative of the fact that people have lost confidence in his leadership. There’s nothing they’re going to be able to do.”

How Peter Thiel’s Money Could Shape the Midterms for Donald Trump

The news of Thiel’s political ambitions arrived shortly after it was revealed that Trump entered 2022 with an unprecedented war chest of $122 million raised via donations to his political committees, hundreds of thousands of which have already been given to candidates endorsed by the former president.

What To Make Of Polls That Show Americans Are Trending Toward The GOP

Overall, it’s probably too early to say how much of the Republican shift in partisan identification is real, or how long it will last. However, it’s also not clear whether this particular data point tells us much more about the electorate than we already know from Biden’s job approval, generic congressional ballot polling and other political polls.