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Selling Access Is a Scandal About Joe Biden, Not Hunter

Last year New York Post reports about Biden family enrichment schemes were dismissed by old-media firms and suppressed by new-media firms. Old or new, the press corps was generally unwilling to allow voters to see the sordid reality of a candidate who was presenting himself as superior in character to the incumbent President.

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A 2020 Election Audit that flew almost totally under the radar.

It began on May 11th and is still ongoing at time of writing, in a building guarded 24/7 by state troopers.
Where? In Windham, New Hampshire, with only 15 thousand voters.
Why? A democrat, yes democrat, candidate was unhappy at the very tight result. Kristi St. Laurent lost by 24 votes. An auto-recount was made by hand. It was found she lost 99 more votes, than the 24 in the election. The 4 republicans gained around 300 votes each. The remaining 3 democrats gained 18 to 28 votes. ‘Pretty much the whole room was shocked’ St. Laurent informed CNN.

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