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READING LIST from 2021

YearStatusTitleAuthorTypeStar Rating (5 Max)Comments
2024ReadingKillers of the Flower MoonDavid GrannHistorical Journalism
2024ReadSuper-Infinite: The Transformation of John DonneKatherine RundellBiographical/Historical*****Award winning for good reasons.
2024ReadPolitics On the Edge – A Memoir From WithinRory StewartBiographical/Political*****Fascinating insight in UK politics.
2023ReadChums – How a Tiny Casteof Oxford Tories Took Over the UKSimon KuperPolitical Journalism****Explains a lot about the subject and a great read.
2023ReadingA Fabulous Creation – How the LP Saved Our LivesDavid HepworthMusic Journalism
2023ReadOtherlands – A World in the Making
Thomas HallidayNatural History****If only it was fully illustrated it’d be 5 stars. I read the chapters back to back, makes more sense -the past to the near present.
2023ReadCinema SpeculationQuentin TarantinoCinema****Pity I couldn’t call up all the movies covered, but amazing how the director thinks.
2023ReadElon Musk – Innovator, Entrepreneur and VisionaryChris McNabBiographical*****Fascinating from beginning to end, with some inspiration thrown in.
2023ReadThe History of the World in Bite-Sized ChunksEmma MarriottHistorical***Informative.
2023ReadThe Story of RussiaOrlando FigesHistorical*****A great read, that answers many of the questions around why Russia are in Ukraine.
2023ReadA President Like No Other – Donald J. TrumpConrad BlackBiography/Political****A lot of truthful information the left are afraid to admit.
2023On holdUlyssesJames JoyceFiction
2022ReadWe are BellingcatEliot HigginsWar Crime/Social Science****Essential reading. The USA left leaning bias was odd (multiple entries of Trump lost it 5 stars!).
2022ReadThe Shortest History of GermanyJames HawesHistorical*****Fascinating. There’s a snippet to dispel climate scaremongering.
2022ReadThe Ascent of Money – A Financial History of the World.Niall FergusonBusiness and Economic History****Extremely factual – every page.
2022ReadingBall Of Collusion – The Plot to Rig An Election And Destroy A PresidencyAndrew C. McCarthyPolitical Investigative Journalism
2022On HoldAll In It Together – England in the Early 21st CenturyAlywn TurnerPolitical Science and Ideology
2022ReadFall – The Mystery of Robert MaxwellJohn PrestonBiography*****A page by page eyeopener, with a bit of bias thrown in.
2022ReadMadhouse at the End of the EarthJulian SanctionHistorical*****A captivating read.
2022ReadA Cellarful of NoiseBrian EpsteinAutobiographical***Fascinating insight to the Beatles early fame.
2021ReadAnd Away …Bob MortimerAutobiography***We can’t not like Bob. Easy read. Some scary similarities.
2021ReadThe Power Of GeographyTim MarshallGeoPolitical*****Easy reading, full of essential facts.
2021ReadOutraged – Why Everyone is Shouting and No One Is Talking.Ashley ‘Dotty’ CharlesSocial Science and Communications***A very topical subject interestingly covered.
2021On HoldFake Law: The Truth About Justice in an Age of LiesThe Secret BarristerJournalistic
2021ReadThe Mirror & the LightHilary MantelHist. fiction****3rd part of the Trilogy is a long haul, but still amazing.
2021Gave upDishonesty is the best Second-Best PolicyDavid MitchellSocial Humour**Not all as joyful as expected.
2021ReadSummer CrossingTruman CapoteFiction***His hidden early works
2021ReadSo You’ve Been Publicly ShamedJon RonsonSocial Science and Journalistic****Great insight into hurt by social media
2021ReadThe Ratline – The Trail of a Nazi FugitivePhilippe SandsJournalistic*****Strong journalism of terrible events
2021ReadHas China WonKishore MahbubaniGeoPolitical*Useful but heavily biased and repetative
2021ReadJeeves & the King of ClubsBen SchottFiction****Great homage to PG Woodhouse
2021ReadFlash CrashLiam VaughanJournalistic*****Great expose of the stock exchange
2021ReadTall Tales & Wee StoriesBilly ConnollyAutobiographical***Amusing
2021ReadOne Two Three Four – The Beatles in TimeCraig BrownNon-fiction*****Facinating facts