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Biden’s Desire to do the Opposite of Trump on Everything is One Cause of his Mistakes.

June 1, 2021 3 0 Comments 0 Notes from William McGurn / WSJ, plus additional comments.  The decision to investigate the Chinese Lab for the origins of Covid was killed when Biden took office. Despite professing to have a team of scientists to reply on.  That has since changed to a ‘redouble efforts’ to find out whether the lab is linked to the pandemic origin.   Biden’s admin. won’t take a scientific approach as they are too invested in ‘politically convenient’.   The same admin. that  have refused to give any credit for the ‘warp speed’ development of Covid-19 vaccines in

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Biased Media Commentary

The UK’s Times Newspaper cannot do without Trump…. though it’s not alone.

As we approach 20 weeks since Biden’s inauguration, it was expected that Trump’s presence would have died down, at least across the occasional day, or even perhaps a week. It would be even more expected if believing The Times, that he plays golf a good part of his current weeks. However, not a single day has passed, so far, without at least one article in The Times featuring him. In fact he has appeared in 7 separate articles in one single day, imagine that!

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Wisconsin Election Investigation

Irregularities in the Wisconsin 2020 election are to be investigated. The 5 largest cities in the state received $6.3 million in funding via the ‘Centre of Tech. & Civic Life’. The funds originated from Zuckerberg, Facebook. 200 other municipalities in the state received further funding.

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Capitol Hill Event – 1st Inquiry 23Feb’21 – Intelligence Failures were the Common Denominator, but why?

Present were many officials,including ex-Sergeant of Arms, Acting Chief of DC Metropolitan Police, there to answer questions.

Pelosi called for resignation of Capitol Hill Police Chief, and security heads, without understanding any details. He, like others, resigned. He made the longest statement. Sighting a letter he sent Pelosi correcting her misunderstanding of the lead up to the event, and that almost everything centred on the lack of valuable intelligence. Of the minimal intel. shared, no further actions was taken. The FBI offered help two days before, but that was refused.

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