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BREAKING: Fulton County, Pennsylvania Sues Dominion Voting

A major lawsuit has been submitted by Fulton County, Pennsylvania against Dominion Voting Systems. Some of the claims are on par with the “debunked” rumors associated with the “most secure election ever” claims, including internet connectivity, outdated security protections, remote accessibility, and random USBs inserted.

Democrats ‘Charity’ Voter-Registration Scheme

Senate Democrats plan to pass the Disclose Act, a bill they claim would force “dark money” groups into the light. Never mind the darkness that envelops their own epic voter-registration scam.

The Supreme Court case that could reshape US elections

The case, Moore v. Harper, centers on the controversial “independent state legislature” theory, which holds that a literal reading of the U.S. Constitution gives state legislatures the final say in regulating votes for federal office, unchecked by governors, state courts, or provisions in state constitutions.