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The Final Q2 GDP Report Is Here and It’s Not Good

While the Biden administration insists that the U.S. is not in a recession by pointing to misleading indicators — such as the labor market — that are expected to buckle under the pressure of inflation and Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, there’s no sign that relief for Americans and the larger economy are coming soon.

Biden’s Alzheimer’s Lapse

His Administration increased Part B premiums by 14.5% this year and blamed the increase on expected high demand for Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm, which the Food and Drug Administration approved last summer.

Biden’s Bumbling and Stumbling Could Start WWIII

For the good of our Republic, Biden’s handlers should avoid placing our sadly compromised commander in chief in situations where his meandering mind compromises the security of our nation.

How Do Democrats Explain Biden?

Last month this column noted the significant number of Democratic candidates hoping that President Joe Biden would exercise his right to remain silent in their congressional districts. Reuters and the Washington Post found various candidates who didn’t want to campaign with the president and a striking number of Democrats have avoided even commenting on the subject.