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EU cracks widen over Ukraine as Italy, Hungary urge truce

Italy and Hungary have urged the EU to call explicitly for a ceasefire in Ukraine and peace talks with Russia, putting themselves at odds with other member states determined to take a hard line with Moscow ahead of a summit next week.

Russia wages all-out assault to encircle Ukraine troops in east

KYIV/SLOVYANSK, Ukraine, May 24 (Reuters) – Russian forces waged an all-out assault on Tuesday to encircle Ukrainian troops in twin eastern cities straddling a river, a battle that could determine the success or failure of Moscow’s main campaign in the industrial heartland of Donbas.

Ukraine war: Russia halts gas exports to Poland and Bulgaria

Russian energy giant Gazprom says it has halted gas exports to Poland and Bulgaria over the countries’ refusal to pay for supplies in roubles.

The firm said services will not be restored until payments are made in the Russian currency.

Vladimir Putin’s 20-Year March to War in Ukraine—and How the West Mishandled It

In early November, months before the war began, CIA Director William Burns visited Moscow to deliver a warning: The U.S. believed Russian President Vladimir Putin was preparing to invade Ukraine. If he went ahead, he would face crippling sanctions from a united West.

The American spy chief was connected on a secure Kremlin phone with Mr. Putin, who was in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, isolated from all but a few confidants. The Russian leader made no effort to deny Mr. Burns’ charge. Instead, he calmly recited a list of grievances about how the U.S. had for years ignored Russian security concerns.

Nothing Very Promising in Peace Talks – Russia

The Kremlin plays down hopes of a breakthrough following talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegates in Istanbul yesterday
Spokesman Dmitry Peskov says there was nothing very promising said or any breakthroughs achieved

Ukraine forces fighting to retake ground from Russia – US

Ukrainian soldiers are successfully fighting back against invading Russian forces to reclaim ground in some parts of the country, the Pentagon says
There are reports of the Ukrainian flag being raised again in the suburb of Makariv, west of the capital Kyiv
But Russian bombardment of the southern port city of Mariupol continues unbated

Ukraine war in maps: Tracking the Russian invasion

Russian advances across Ukraine have slowed in recent days amid mounting casualties, but attempts to encircle and cut off the capital Kyiv continue.

Here are the latest developments on day 21 of the invasion:

Kyiv’s suburbs saw some heavy aerial bombardment overnight
Russian naval forces are gathering on the Black Sea near Odesa
But supporting troops around Mykolaiv remain bogged down
Siege of Mariupol continues after 20,000 were evacuated