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Plucky little Ukraine is rotten to the core

In a 2021 index of world corruption, where the UK scores 79, Ukraine scores 32, just above Russia on 29. The Guardian has described Ukraine as ‘the most corrupt nation in Europe’. Writing in The American Conservative in April 2022, Ted Galen Carpenter states that ‘at best, Ukraine is a corrupt, quasi‐democratic entity with troubling repressive policies’.

The Final Q2 GDP Report Is Here and It’s Not Good

While the Biden administration insists that the U.S. is not in a recession by pointing to misleading indicators — such as the labor market — that are expected to buckle under the pressure of inflation and Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, there’s no sign that relief for Americans and the larger economy are coming soon.

Pipeline sabotage and a national energy emergency

But quite regardless of whoever it is who escalating this ‘war’ on the Nord Stream pipelines to Europe, the sabotage, plus Gazprom’s warning that the last remaining gas supply is at risk of shutdown, has brutally revealed how exposed Britain’s energy system and its entire economic and societal stability is to external threats.

BREAKING: Fulton County, Pennsylvania Sues Dominion Voting

A major lawsuit has been submitted by Fulton County, Pennsylvania against Dominion Voting Systems. Some of the claims are on par with the “debunked” rumors associated with the “most secure election ever” claims, including internet connectivity, outdated security protections, remote accessibility, and random USBs inserted.

Biden’s Bumbling and Stumbling Could Start WWIII

For the good of our Republic, Biden’s handlers should avoid placing our sadly compromised commander in chief in situations where his meandering mind compromises the security of our nation.

Dimorphos: Nasa flies spacecraft into asteroid in direct hit

The American space agency’s Dart probe has smashed into an asteroid, destroying itself in the process.
The collision was intentional and designed to test whether space rocks that might threaten Earth could be nudged safely out of the way.

Putin grants Russian citizenship to US whistleblower Edward Snowden

Snowden, 39, a former US intelligence contractor, has been living in Russia since 2013 to escape prosecution in the US after leaking secret files, published by the Guardian, that revealed vast domestic and international surveillance operations carried out by the US National Security Agency.