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America Hits the Global Snooze Button

In an increasingly alarming world, the West can’t afford to rest for much longer.

Many Americans still don’t fully grasp how serious the international situation has become. Iran has set the Middle East ablaze, Russia is advancing in Ukraine, and China is pursuing pressure campaigns against Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Can Ukraine’s democracy heal after war?

Kyiv may be fighting Russia but it’s still fighting corruption. Amid talk of an election, Zelensky’s political opponents are raising the alarm about martial law

Nord Stream Sabotage Probe Turns to Clues Inside Poland

German investigation examines whether ally’s territory was a springboard for pipeline attack.

…findings suggest Poland was a hub for the logistics and financing of last September’s undersea sabotage attack that severed the strongest bond tying Berlin to Moscow.

Biden Accused of Taking $5M Bribe, According to FBI Document

“$5 million for one Biden, $5 million for the other Biden,” the executive said, according to the FBI source. The source believed these payments to both Bidens eventually occurred “through so many different bank accounts.”