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Virgin Orbit issued licences ahead of Cornwall space launch

The final remaining licences required for Virgin Orbit to launch from Spaceport Cornwall have been issued by the UK space regulator.
The Civil Aviation Authority has granted the launch operator and range control licences, which have been signed off by the Transport Secretary.

BBC’s featherbed for the eco-terrorists

Today’s questions were simply to elicit the JSO’s point of view and the whole thing was sympathetically conducted throughout, despite the intensity of public opinion about this lunatic behaviour.

Lockdowns, vested interests and why Jeremy Farrar should struggle to sleep at night

The National Audit Office estimates that the UK government spent £376billion on its Covid-19 pandemic response measures. This figure is almost certainly an understatement as, for instance, large losses are still racking up on government-backed ‘Bounce Back Loans’. More recent analysis suggests that £500billion is a more accurate figure.

Indian rocket launches 36 OneWeb satellites

The London-based satellite company, OneWeb, is back on track with the launch of another 36 spacecraft for its global broadband internet system.
The platforms went up on a LVM3 rocket from Sriharikota island in India.

This, you politicians, is how to tackle the energy crisis

IT IS apparent that none of our major parties has a clue about how to tackle the ever-worsening energy crisis. Indeed, the policies of the government, Labour and Lib Dems are to all intents and purposes the same:
• Short-term handouts, which are totally unaffordable
• No plan to tackle the supply crisis
• Blind devotion to renewable energy

Virgin Orbit rocket arrives for first space launch from UK

Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne vehicle came into Newquay, Cornwall, late on Friday on a military plane from California where it was made.
The rocket will now be prepared for its flight to space, which is likely to occur sometime next month.