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Polly Billington – face of the emerging master class

WHEN the voters of East Thanet inevitably return a Labour MP at the forthcoming general election, most will be blissfully unaware that their new parliamentary representative is a puritanical authoritarian.

The climate scaremongers: Another £40billion of your cash down the Net Zero drain

THE government have been feeling generous with your money again. They have just given the go-ahead for Drax to fit carbon capture technology (CCS) to their wood burning power plant in North Yorkshire. They are also expected to extend the subsidy agreement which already rakes in £700million a year for Drax and is due to expire in 2027.

Net Zero nonsense: A taxpayer’s protest

…you would do well to free your mind from nudge-unit propaganda, and balance the diet of guilt and doom offered by the likes of the Guardian and the BBC with a little healthy scepticism.

A Trump presidency could be good for Britain

Had Trump remained in office it is very likely that Britain would by now have a fully-working trade deal with the US – which is after all the largest single country which we export to.

Is it time for Britain to leave the WHO?

The World Health Assembly did not censure North Korea for its countless human rights abuses, which include starving its own people. Instead it singled out Israel for criticism.

The left’s project to abolish borders

POLITICIANS and bureaucrats in the West appear to have two great aims: one is to live well at someone else’s expense, the other to change the countries they run beyond recognition – and send the taxpayer the bill for that as well. Often they are intent on messing up not only their own countries but others too.

Net Zero – a national act of self-harm sponsored by the loony left

Our government’s legally binding commitment to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 can be described as an act of national self-harm. According to Ross Clark’s excellent new book, Not Zero, achieving Net Zero by 2050 is an irrational target which will impoverish us, help China, ‘and won’t even save the planet’.