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Stocks, oil struggle to pull out of four-day slide

World stocks and oil prices battled to pull out of a four-day slide on Thursday as deeply inverted bond yield curves and choppy currency markets underscored the simmering concerns among investors about economic stagnation next year.

Oil Industry Group Slams Biden’s Threats of Windfall Taxes, Restrictions

“Rather than taking credit for price declines and shifting blame for price increases, the Biden administration should get serious about addressing the supply and demand imbalance that has caused higher gas prices and created long-term energy challenges,” said Mike Sommers, API’s president and CEO.

The Democrats’ oil folly

President Joe Biden has just announced his plan to release even more oil, 15 million barrels, from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
In this case, the national emergency is most likely the midterm elections, in which the president’s party is likely to lose seats in Congress.

Biden’s Oil Price Machinations

The President is depleting U.S. strategic petroleum reserves for political reasons.
White House officials accuse OPEC and its allies of manipulating oil prices, but then what do you call what President Biden is trying to do?

Biden, Venezuela and the Oil Dictators

This Administration wants more oil anywhere except in America. The madness of the Biden Administration’s energy policy has been horrifying to watch, like a car crash except all Americans are passengers. The latest bizarre twist is that the White House may ease sanctions on Venezuela and its dictator Nicolás Maduro in an effort to increase the supply of oil on the global market.