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The Ukraine War one year on, Part 3: What are the lessons to be learned?

This is the last of three articles looking at the war in Ukraine as it reaches the end of its first year, when I consider what lessons can be identified and learned. You can read the first part, in which I discussed the mainstream view that Russia is on the back foot, here, and yesterday’s second part, on what happens next, here.

Putin Says West Playing ‘Dangerous, Bloody Game’

In a foreign policy speech Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Western nations of trying to dominate the world, saying the coming decade will be one of the most dangerous since the end of World War II.

The Ukraine war of words that heralds ethnic cleansing

Dividing Ukraine’s population into ‘the people’ and ‘the rest’ where the latter were made to feel subordinate in their ancestral lands to the former was always going to lead to conflict. Yet just as wise counsel of the likes of George Kennan, Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski warned of the grave risks of Nato’s expansion to Russia’s borders, so warnings came aplenty of the dangers of a divisive language policy.

Is Biden ready to cut Zelensky loose?

The West’s support for Ukraine is partly moral – the upholding of national sovereignty against aggression – but also partly a self-interested desire to weaken Russia as a world player, even if nothing that happens in Ukraine diminishes its nuclear clout.