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Facebook Welcomes Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Regiment Back on Platform

This policy change comes after months of criticism of how the social media juggernaut is handling the conflict, with many questioning where it draws the line between promoting free speech about the conflict and containing rhetoric that could have violent or dangerous offline repercussions.

Why did Facebook reject The Spectator’s Joe Biden cover?

Earlier this week, I was asked to list the three biggest threats to the media. Aside from the general sales decline of newspapers, I said, the threat of bot censorship – and the lack of accountability from the firms who apply it.

The One Little Problem With a Washington Post Story

It’s hard to report on a scientific study without reading it. More recently this column noted how various outlets got carried away last month trying to claim that the intensity of Florida hurricane activity is man-made. One outlet in particular, the Washington Post, doesn’t seem especially eager to learn from its mistakes.