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Biden Family Will Face Subpoenas, Comer Says

Members of President Joe Biden‘s family will be subpoenaed as part of a corruption investigation, House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) announced on Thursday.

Speaker McCarthy Sets a Trap for Biden on Impeachment

There’s more than enough to get the ball rolling on impeachment for Joe Biden. The media and Biden’s allies will predictably call each new development duds, but this story isn’t going away. Credible witnesses and whistleblowers have come forward. Hunter Biden’s former associates have shed more light on this shady and sleazy government access operations the father-son duo was peddling.

The ‘Smoking Gun’ Defense Won’t Save The Bidens

The “Biden Crime Family” has recently been hit with a slew of damning revelations. The two IRS whistleblowers, FBI informants, Hunter’s sweetheart plea deal and now the Devon Archer testimony and subsequent interview — all provide years of highly detailed evidence pointing to a foreign influence peddling scheme at the highest rungs of the federal government.