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How Fauci pulled the Moderna vaccine rabbit out of the hat

IN THE new era of biosecurity totalitarianism when authorities actively seek to silence even the most qualified dissenting voices, perhaps nothing could be more corrosive to public confidence than finding that a leading research institute participated in a deliberate fraud.

Covid ventilator deaths: all roads lead to Anthony Fauci

Despite the knowledge, based on his own work, of the potential dangers of using ventilators, Fauci’s enthusiasm for them was not dampened, and he did not discourage their use when he was managing Covid-19 in the U.S.

Fauci and the New York Times

Remember the government disease doctor who once described the Covid lockdown policies he was promoting as merely “inconvenient”? Trillions of dollars and countless shattered lives later, now the country’s most forceful advocate for shuttering U.S. society is pretending he was inconsequential.

Redfield warned Fauci not to ‘give terrorists recipe’ to modify bird flu to kill 5%-50% of infected

“I didn’t think we needed to give terrorists a recipe” for modifying a bird flu to kill 5%-50% of people it infects, Dr. Redfield told “Just the News, No Noise,” recalling his argument to then-National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci — his future antagonist on COVID origins and gain-of-function research — against publishing the research.

The fake ‘reopening’ plan that trapped America in lockdown

The script was wrong but dominant. The end goal was implicit eradication, which was always impossible, and getting there required case minimisation, which was a massive immunological error. At some point in the following week, something went off in Trump’s head and he began to wonder if he had been played. He wasn’t sure but he began to suspect it.