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Germany’s Green Energy Debacle Should Be Warning to US

The nation has been phasing out conventional fuels and phasing in less reliable, less abundant renewable energy sources, resulting in higher prices, shortages, and a greater reliance on adversarial nations like Russia and China. The country’s trials should prove to be a vital lesson for those of us in the United States.

Here’s Why the Economy Seems Weird

Understanding inflation, interest rates and recession risks requires going back earlier than the 2000s.
Here are three ways this cycle is different from the recent past.

Stocks, oil struggle to pull out of four-day slide

World stocks and oil prices battled to pull out of a four-day slide on Thursday as deeply inverted bond yield curves and choppy currency markets underscored the simmering concerns among investors about economic stagnation next year.

Obama Warned Us About Joe

The White House offers Democrats nothing good to say on the big issues.

Barack Obama hadn’t endorsed the man who had served him faithfully for eight years. The money quote was cutting: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to [expletive] things up.”

The top 25 market events of the last 25 years

As MarketWatch marks its 25th anniversary this week, we are looking back at the 25 biggest market events and developments that we have covered. These MarketWatch Moments shaped our current capital markets and will continue to reverberate.

Americans saw ‘most severe’ pay cut in 25 years under Biden

Researchers for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas published new findings that calculated “real wages” — the effective income of workers when adjusted for inflation.

“We find that a majority of employed workers’ real (inflation-adjusted) wages have failed to keep up with inflation in the past year,” the researchers said. “For these workers, the median decline in real wages is a little more than 8.5%.”

The West’s Climate Policy Debacle

Soaring oil and natural gas prices. Electricity grids on the brink of failure. Energy shortages in Europe, with worse to come. The free world’s growing strategic vulnerability to Vladimir Putin and other dictators.