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Consumer debt totals $15.6 trillion in 2021, a record-breaking increase

Consumers ended 2021 with record levels of debt, which stood at $15.6 trillion, according to data released Tuesday from the Federal Reserve’s New York district.
A large chunk of the debt-load increase came from mortgages, which saw balances rise by $890 billion for the year.

Debt Up $2 Trillion in 1 Year of Biden

Given the long-term upward trend in the federal debt in the years since Roosevelt’s administration, it is unlikely that politicians in Washington, D.C., will seriously roll it back any time soon.

Manchin undercuts Biden, leaving his agenda in limbo

Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) stunned fellow Democrats on Sunday by announcing he would not vote for President Biden’s ambitious climate and social spending bill, which his allies saw as the crowning legislative achievement of the president’s first term.

Build Back Better blown away under false figures.

0 Comments 42 December 20, 2021 1 The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that Biden described in 2010 as ‘Gold Standard’ is now Democrat Enemy No. 1  They find the $1.7 trillion House bill going through the motions, under Build Back Better, to actually be $3 trillion underestimated.  In case you missed that here it is again: $3 TRILLION underestimated.  This means that the ‘$365 billion additional planned deficit’ will be in the Trillions, all added to the record sky-high mountain of debt, all of which will avalanche back down to help destroy the economy.   Home

China’s Belt and Road: Unfinished Projects and Huge Debt

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a “debt trap” and “data trap,” warned British MI6 chief, Richard Moore. Eight years in, the BRI is littered with half-built bridges, unfinished projects, overbudget railways, roads to nowhere, lots of debt, and angry people.

A Democrat Against Deficits

ongress should pay for its infrastructure spending, not look for creative ways of avoiding responsibility.