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The Supreme Court Just Gave Us Hope

The Supreme Court handed down a victory for political freedom last week in National Rifle Association v. Vullo that may lay the groundwork for lawsuits featuring dissidents against the Covid regime, including Berenson v. Biden and Murthy v. Missouri.

Censorship Is an Act of Desperation

The problem became intense during the COVID wars as true science was blocked from public access by government and a coalition of private interests working with the government, in direct violation of the First Amendment.

Biden’s Assault on Liberty

This column is as concerned as anyone about the things our president says when he’s left alone with a live microphone. But the actions Joe Biden has taken to prevent other Americans from saying things represent a much greater danger to our country.

Facebook Whistleblower Leaks ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ Censorship Documents

A Facebook whistleblower has leaked documents that appear to expose the tech giant’s plans to censor content that show COVID-19 “vaccine hesitancy.”

Whistleblower Morgan Kahmann, a former data center technician for Facebook, revealed his identity in an interview on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after first coming forward to the investigative journalism non-profit Project Veritas with the internal documents.