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Working in Brussels, I saw the dark side of the EU

To this day, many Remainers see the vote to leave the EU as an entirely self-inflicted wound. But is that truly the case? Senior European politicians are starting to reflect and acknowledge Europe’s own hand in Brexit – and the damage Brussels may have caused after the referendum result.

The Brexit Blame Game

Brexit was mostly an end in itself. It was about Britain recovering its sovereignty. The Left is happy to talk about the significance of defending Ukraine’s sovereignty versus Russia, but it regards defending Britain’s sovereignty as nonsense. Yet the principles are the same: If sovereignty is right for Ukraine (as it is), it’s right for Britain too.

Remainers’ deranged voices in the wilderness

JUST for fun, here is a compendium of some of the wilder recent Remainer claims about the impact of Brexit from generally respected newspaper columnists. ‘Brexit has broken everything’, wrote one, and this rather sums up the childish mindset of such people.

Joining the CPTTP is nothing like belonging to the EU

The EU and the CPTPP are not the same thing. The EU is a political union. Its own propaganda, especially its constant calls for ever closer union, demonstrate that. The CPTPP is entirely a trade deal, nothing more, and the UK has already signed more than 40 such trade deals on a bilateral basis since leaving the EU.