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The Guardian’s shameful double standards

So Martin Rowson understands that satire can have questionable motives, that the political and social context is important, and that cartoons can contribute to hatred of a minority religious or ethnic group. The question, then, is why this understanding seems to fail him when it comes to Jews.

These Six Tactics Are Being Used To Divide Republicans and Democrats

86% of Americans say they feel exhausted by division and are looking for something better. 85% of Republicans and Democrats view cross-party relations, such as having members of the other party as friends, building consensus, and supporting bipartisan cooperation, as valuable.

In case you missed it . . .

EACH week there are more stories and research findings than we are able to report or comment on in detail. Here is a round-up of some of the many that the Main Stream Media choose to ignore, under-report or distort.

Trump Coverage Reveals How Media Frames and Excludes

It’s been more than a week since the indictment of former President Donald Trump dominated the news cycle.

What happened to the story?

As of the late afternoon on April 13, the name “Trump” appeared nowhere on the front page of Google News.

Inexcusable – this lazy, cowardly, sitting-on-the-fence journalism

None of the terrible things that have happened in the last three years – the destruction of life and livelihood, the assaults on freedom, the state bullying and coercion, the vaccine deaths and injuries – would have been possible if the media had done its job, engaged in a modicum of basic research, and spoken truth to power.

Florida Libel Bill May Challenge Long-Standing Supreme Court Decision

As an elite security operator who had the skills and contacts to extract people from Afghanistan as it fell to the Taliban, Young saw himself savaged as a black marketer seeking to fleece helpless refugees and then not saving them to boot.

None of it was true, Young says in his libel lawsuit complaint against CNN.

American Views 2022: Part 2, Trust Media and Democracy

Democracy in America relies on an independent press to inform citizens with accurate information. Yet today, two forces pose significant challenges to this function: the growing struggle of news organizations to maintain financial independence and the growing distrust of news among the public.

Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Aaronovitch?

No, parents toning down darker parts of children’s books for their kids at bedtime is not the same as publishers gutting a work that they did not create to be politically correct, whether it be against Roald Dahl, Ian Fleming or Enid Blyton.