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The Taliban Have Restored Barbarism to Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s return to barbarism also reveals the inability or unwillingness of rising Asian powers like China and India to fill the vacuum left behind by a receding U.S. Despite what many leftists believe, a diminished U.S. would be a disaster for many nations of the so-called Global South. Ask the women of Afghanistan.

Biden’s ruinous foreign policy 1: Ukraine

This was not an act of nuanced statecraft, but of hardheaded escalation, hubris and plain stupidity. Through his obstinate refusal to acknowledge any diplomatic responsibilities to the Minsk Accords, Biden unambiguously provoked Putin to launch the terrible war of escalation that unfolded.

Gold Star Moms Rip Into Joe Biden’s Phoniness in ABC Interview

Staff Sgt. Darin Hoover’s mom was even more pointed. She couldn’t stand the president. She wouldn’t even meet with him. The Hoover family retreated to a room to escape Biden’s lies about Beau and his phony empathy. Her daughter and the sister of Staff Sgt. Hoover was also at Dover. She yelled at Biden, “Burn in Hell.”

Biden’s Bumbling and Stumbling Could Start WWIII

For the good of our Republic, Biden’s handlers should avoid placing our sadly compromised commander in chief in situations where his meandering mind compromises the security of our nation.

The U.S. Looks Poised to Leave Vulnerable Afghans Behind Again

One year after the final U.S. military evacuation flight took off from Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, thousands of Afghans remain in temporary housing at a facility in the Persian Gulf. But the State Department may be shutting down operations, leaving about 5,500 Afghans in a desperate limbo.

More than $7B in US military equipment seized by Taliban: Pentagon watchdog

More than $7 billion worth of US-provided military equipment was in the hands of the Western-backed Afghan government when it collapsed last year — and much of it fell into the hands of the Taliban after the Biden bugout, the Defense Department’s inspector general said in a report released Tuesday.

Biden’s enduring Afghanistan debacle

It was Biden’s actions that ensured the collapse of the Afghan government and the takeover of the country by an integrated jihadist network — the Taliban, al Qaeda, and the Haqqani Network — largely controlled by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency.