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The Democrats’ Deal With the Devil

The Biden star is fading amid party angst, economic anxiety, the tom-toms of impeachment and a special counsel for Hunter. Once the post-Biden bidding begins, don’t expect Sens. Sanders and Warren to sign on for another fake moderate. This time, the Democrats’ bargain will be made with them.

Google’s YouTube Drops Policy that Censors Discussion of 2020 Election Fraud

Google-owned video behemoth YouTube, facing increased competition from platforms that are friendlier to free speech including Rumble and Twitter, has dropped a policy responsible for the widespread censoring of conservative voices. It is now possible to dispute the results of the 2020 election on YouTube.

Remember When Election Day Was An Actual Day?

In 2022, the federal elections dragged on and on. Days turned into weeks. It wasn’t until December 13 that the last U.S. House race was called. The last federal election was not called until a total of 35 days after Election Day.

6 Takeaways From House’s Hearing on Clean Elections

House Republicans pointed to the success of state election reforms during a hearing Friday, citing high turnout and smooth operations in the 2022 midterm elections as evidence.
At one point, Ohio’s top election official spoke of “a crisis of confidence in our elections.”