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DOD Green-Lighted Fake Trump-Russia Doc in 2016: Ret. Colonel John Mills

“There was essentially nothing in the body of this very classified document that gave any evidence that Trump was a Russian asset. Yet the executive summary said Trump was a Russian asset and I was told ‘stand down, no need to complete the staffing of the package. The Secretary of Defense has already signed off [on it].’”

John Durham Hasn’t Ruled Out Charges Against ‘Tech Executive-1’: Prosecutor

Special prosecutor John Durham’s team suggested this week that a technology executive who was hired by a former Clinton campaign attorney may face criminal charges.

“Tech Executive-1,” who was confirmed to be Rodney Joffe, is currently being investigated by Durham’s team, according to a prosecutor. Prosecutors didn’t provide more details.

Former DNI Expects More Indictments to Come From Classified Durham Docs

Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe said that there are still many more classified documents that should be released in connection to special counsel John Durham’s investigation, which he said will appall the public if they’re declassified.