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Louder than ever, Orwell’s warnings ring true

YES, I know: we’re all getting a little sick and tired of hearing or reading references to George Orwell by people who have not read him or have only a distant memory of Animal Farm in school.

When Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, sales of 1984, Orwell’s last and greatest novel, increased dramatically.

Vaccine tyranny still rules Australia – but the fault lines are widening

EDWARD Curtin reckons that the world wants to be duped. Jeffrey Tucker refers to the majority of people as ‘obsequious servants of ruling-class lies’.

Well, these descriptions certainly apply to many of us Australians as we persist with the Vaccine State and the official narrative goes out of its way to avoid admitting the fact that, in terms of effectiveness and safety, the Covid vaccines are a busted flush.

Whose data is it anyway?

ON March 1, Wednesday this week, a consultation about digital identity verification and data sharing between public authorities comes to a close.
The consultation fails to make clear that, under the proposed legislation, individuals will lose control of data that has hitherto been regarded as personal.