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Soros-Funded Manhattan District Attorney Predictably Weaponizes His Office Against Trump

The right-wing “conspiracy theorists” have been saying that COVID originated in a lab in Wuhan, China and Anthony Fauci was involved. They insist the arrests over January 6 were unjust, Hunter Biden’s laptop was not “Russian disinformation,” and the “Deep State” is out to get Trump. For those keeping score at home, conspiracy theorists are leading the media about 25 to 0.

The Feds Declare War On Transparency

The feds have declared war on transparency. The culture of secrecy is more pervasive than ever.

Following last week’s six examples, let’s complete the dirty dozen on our 2023 transparency to-do list!

You’re Not Paranoid, The FBI Is Out To Get You

A group of dissidents gather in a conference room at a Washington, D.C., hotel to discuss the next steps for their social justice movement.

But there, in the back of the room, stands a man in dark sunglasses with his face partially covered. It was an invite-only event, so surely he’s been vetted, and yet nobody seems to recognize him. Worse yet, he appears to be surreptitiously recording the event. Before anyone can confront him, he slips out the back.